First Fall Post

Fall is finally almost here, and that means boots and transitional clothing.  This top with lacy sleeves is lightweight enough to wear in the still somewhat warm weather.  I like the contrasting textures when it’s paired with pleather pants.  I just got these awesome ankle boots from Vegan Chic, and I love how cute and comfortable they are.

Happy Almost Fall!


Top by Bordeaux Los Angeles, purchased resale. Pants by Marks & Spencer. Boots by Blowfish, purchased from Vegan Chic. Necklace by Touchstone Pottery.

Cropped Sweater and Cuffed Jeans


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Perfect fall weather- cool enough for sweaters and scarves, warm enough not to require a jacket.  I wanted to wear these cute heels and still be casual for class today, so I paired them with boyfriend jeans and a cropped sweater.  This lightweight scarf is one that I bought years ago at World Market.  All these items are examples of versatile staple pieces that can be worn in lots of different ways and will last through the years.  Buy less, keep stuff longer, and still have a great wardrobe.


Sweater by Apricot. Jeans by Style & Co. Fair trade scarf from World Market. Shoes by Novacas, purchased from Moo Shoes. Antique necklace.


Fishtail and Wedges


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A comfortable and stylish fall ensemble won’t stop the 60 mph gusts of wind outside (seriously), but at least it will keep me warm on the way to class.  These wedges by Novacas are super warm and the soles have enough grip for windy, rainy weather like today’s.  A messy fishtail braid keeps my hair out of the way and makes it look like I put in way more effort than I did.  Necklace and ring are both antique store finds.

Stay warm!


Sweater by New Look. Leggings by Style & Co. Boots by Novacas, purchased from Moo Shoes. Antique necklace and ring.


Casual Rainy Day


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Hi everyone!  First of all, let me take a second to explain my recent lack of posts.

When I started this blog last year, I had a job at a resale clothing store which allowed me not only access to lots of great pieces at affordable prices, but the ability to dress creatively at work.  That shop has since closed.  As a student, I’ve still got a little while to go before I can get a full-time job in my field.  I now work two part-time jobs, each of which requires me to dress in a certain way.  Long story short, I have limited free time and I don’t get to dress the way I’d like to unless I have a day off!  However, I intend to get back to posting regularly on my days off, especially now that my favorite season is here.

That said, here’s today’s casual rainy day look, complete with what might just be my greatest resale find from my former job- this London Fog raincoat.


Raincoat by London Fog, purchased resale. Sweater by Dolce Vita, purchased resale. Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger. Boots by Novacas, purchased from Moo Shoes. Umbrella by Fulton.


Vintage Scarf and Bold Stripes


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Another mix of vintage accessories and modern pieces.  This scarf and necklace were both inherited from my grandmother.  And on an interesting side note, I’d like to add that I once spotted a similar scarf being worn by Joan in an episode of Mad Men (Season 7, Episode 6).  So obviously I felt pretty stylish after that.


Tank top and maxi skirt by White House Black Market. Vintage scarf and necklace. Wedge sandals by Novacas, from Moo Shoes. Bracelet by Christy Robinson.

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Bandana Dress and Wedges


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Extreme summer heat calls for clothing that’s cool and comfortable.  This maxi dress with a navy bandana pattern goes great with these black strappy vegan wedges by Novacas.  For an interesting mixture of old and new pieces, I added a secondhand belt and vintage brooch.

Dress by Tommy Hilfiger. Wedges by Novacas, from Moo Shoes. Belt of unknown origin, purchased resale. Vintage brooch by Trifari.

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Stripes and Flats


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Spring is here, on most days anyway, and with it come longer daylight hours, lighter materials, and shoes that are not boots.  These flats by Mel are great for transitioning to warmer weather, as well as being vegan and recyclable!

Striped top by Pitaya. Green tank by H&M. Cardigan by Apricot. Leggings by Tracy Evans. Shoes by Mel, from Moo Shoes.


Vegan New York Trip


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I’ve been spending time in New York with a friend for the past few days and eating some really amazing vegan food.  Today we ate at Champs, a vegan diner in Brooklyn that does an awesome job veganizing classic diner food.  More restaurant stops included Red Bamboo, Blossom du Jour, Beyond Sushi, and Sacred Chow.  We also hit up the Vegan Shop-Up, an all-vegan pop-up market that appears in different locations during the season, and picked up some really delicious desserts there.


Another highlight was my first visit to the brick-and-mortar Moo Shoes store, which was already my favorite place to shop online for high-quality vegan shoes.

CAM00265CAM00270My trip is coming to an end, but it’s been fun!  Here’s today’s outfit.  I packed light for this trip and brought a few of my favorite versatile pieces, including this skull scarf and navy cardigan.


Dress by Talbots, purchased resale. Cardigan by Joe Fresh, purchased resale. Brooch purchased at Aspire. Boots by Novacas, from Moo Shoes.  Scarf of unknown origin, purchased resale.


Cosmetic Testing – We Name & Shame!

Great post from The Vegan Box about how and why to avoid products tested on animals.


Did you knfreedom_animals_1ow that in most parts of the world (including Australia), animals in laboratories STILL suffer (and die) to test everyday cosmetics, such as your supermarket brand shampoo, and your fancy new red lipstick? 

When I first went vegan I was all about the food – switching and swapping all my pantry items, and tossing out anything I could find in the fridge that contained any animal ingredients or derivatives. However, my bathroom cabinet and makeup bag was riddled with big names such as MAC, Loreal, Maybelline, Redken…..and (unfortunately) the list went on! I was a sucker for any ‘new & improved’ line of lipstick, nailpolish, or hair care, that promised to make me ‘glow and shine’  – and yes, I was blinded to the reality of what was really happening behind the scenes to get these products onto the shelves in department stores and pharmacies.

Typically cosmetic testing on lab animals, such as rabbits, cats…

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Same Dress, Different Looks


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After a month of sub-zero temps, it’s finally above freezing! Not quite spring yet, but warm enough to venture outside for a shoot.  Here’s a simple dress styled two different ways.

Photos by Samantha Steffe.


Dress by H&M. Tights by DKNY. Boots by Novacas, from Moo Shoes. Bag by Chinese Laundry, from Alternative Outfitters. Necklace by Touchstone Pottery. Scarf of unknown origin, purchased resale.

Photo by Samantha Steffe



Boots by Novacas, from Moo Shoes. Necklace from Ten Thousand Villages. Belt of unknown origin, purchased resale.