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Vintage hand-me-downs can be fun, not to mention cheap.  And recycling and reusing clothing is a great way to reduce consumption and save money.  Here’s my super casual Election Day outfit, complete with hand-me-down sweatshirt and hat.  I’m in love with these boots, my most recent shoe purchase: The Scooter by Novacas.  Nice boots can make even an outfit this casual look a bit more polished.

And of course, I’m rocking my “I voted” sticker.

Vintage sweatshirt.  Hat by San Diego Hat Co. Tank top by Emily Blu, purchased resale.  Jeans by Jessica Simpson.  Boots by Novacas, from MooShoes.


drillettes 1

Photo by C. Meneghini

drillettes 3

Photo by C. Meneghini