It’s been a long time since I posted a blog entry.  Between finishing a degree, job searching, and moving several times, things have been kind of insane.  But now that I seem to have achieved some kind of stability–at least for the time being–I’d like to get back to sharing cool clothing and accessory finds and talking about why sustainable, cruelty-free fashion is important.

The choices we make as consumers matter, and while we’re supporting ethical companies, we can also make our dollars go further by purchasing versatile pieces that will last over time.  You’ll spend less in the long run on a few high-quality items that can be worn and enjoyed for years than on a closet full of cheaply produced “fast fashion” made to be discarded after one season.  Shopping resale is another great way to reduce your impact and recycle.

Here’s today’s outfit, plus this adorable wallet that I recently received as a gift.

Tank top by White House Black Market, purchased a million years ago (or possibly, like, ten?). Fair trade pants. Shoes by Novacas, purchased at Necklace and belt purchased resale. Wallet by Bugalow360, purchased at a store called Vegan Haven. Nail polish is butter LONDON.