Cosmetic Testing – We Name & Shame!

Great post from The Vegan Box about how and why to avoid products tested on animals.


Did you knfreedom_animals_1ow that in most parts of the world (including Australia), animals in laboratories STILL suffer (and die) to test everyday cosmetics, such as your supermarket brand shampoo, and your fancy new red lipstick? 

When I first went vegan I was all about the food – switching and swapping all my pantry items, and tossing out anything I could find in the fridge that contained any animal ingredients or derivatives. However, my bathroom cabinet and makeup bag was riddled with big names such as MAC, Loreal, Maybelline, Redken…..and (unfortunately) the list went on! I was a sucker for any ‘new & improved’ line of lipstick, nailpolish, or hair care, that promised to make me ‘glow and shine’  – and yes, I was blinded to the reality of what was really happening behind the scenes to get these products onto the shelves in department stores and pharmacies.

Typically cosmetic testing on lab animals, such as rabbits, cats…

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Same Dress, Different Looks


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After a month of sub-zero temps, it’s finally above freezing! Not quite spring yet, but warm enough to venture outside for a shoot.  Here’s a simple dress styled two different ways.

Photos by Samantha Steffe.


Dress by H&M. Tights by DKNY. Boots by Novacas, from Moo Shoes. Bag by Chinese Laundry, from Alternative Outfitters. Necklace by Touchstone Pottery. Scarf of unknown origin, purchased resale.

Photo by Samantha Steffe



Boots by Novacas, from Moo Shoes. Necklace from Ten Thousand Villages. Belt of unknown origin, purchased resale.


Pleather and Pirate Boots


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Today’s outfit for another cold, snowy day- maroon pleather pants, a warm cardigan, and boots with enough grip to keep me from sliding across the pavement as I walk to my car.  If you’re in a snowy climate like I currently am, you know it can be hard to find cute boots that actually allow for walking around safely in the snow.  Smooth-soled boots are definitely not gonna cut it today.

This necklace is from one of my favorite Etsy shops.  I love finding high-quality handmade jewelry and supporting fellow artists.


Cardigan by Caramela. Pants by Marks & Spencer. Boots by Dirty Laundry, from Alternative Outfitters. Necklace by Tina Tarnoff.




Texture and Pattern


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Today’s outfit is about mixing interesting textures and patterns.  Pants with a velvety textured pattern, a crocheted top, and mixed bracelets.  The olive green tank adds some subtle color.


Sweater by White House Black Market. Tank by H&M. Pants by Topshop. Boots by Novacas, from MooShoes.


It’s Freezing Outside


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I haven’t posted in a while because it’s been so cold outside.  And by cold, I mean that a layer of frost forms on the INSIDE of my apartment window at night.


So here are a few poorly executed indoor selfies of today’s outfit before I head out to class!


Shirt by J. Crew (purchased resale). Jeans by Jessica Simpson. Scarf from World Market. Bracelet by Pasha Jewellery, which has now become Treaty. Owl earrings by Green Tree Jewelry. Out of focus boots by Wanted.



Handmade Bracelet Sets


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Since I have some time off from classes, I’ve been working on new jewelry.  All my most recent creations have been bracelet sets, partly because I like wearing tons of bracelets together.  I also like the challenge of designing multiple pieces that aren’t exactly the same but still fit together cohesively.

I usually use some re-purposed beads in my jewelry.  These come from broken strands of jewelry that people give me, damaged antique/vintage pieces or mismatched components that I buy, and sometimes older pieces of my own that have broken.  Recycling cool components into new pieces of jewelry is my favorite part of the process.

Here are some of this week’s creations, available for purchase in my Etsy shop!


_MG_2471 _MG_2475 _MG_2481

Merry Christmas!


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Red and green for a simple Christmas outfit, in the form of this red pleather skirt and green handmade acrylic scarf from a local farmers market.  I don’t remember where I got this sparkly silver bracelet.

Happy holidays, everyone!



Shirt by H&M. Skirt by BCBGMAXAZRIA. Boots by Novacas, from MooShoes.


Floral Leggings


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Today’s outfit contains a couple of mystery pieces.  I’ve had this hat for so long that I don’t even know where I got it, let alone who designed it.  These leggings have a brand name in them, but I can’t figure out what it is and my online searches didn’t yield any results.  But whatever they are, I love the floral and skull design on these leggings.  Wearing leggings with crazy designs is easier than you think- just pair them with solid, neutral pieces to balance out the craziness.

The necklace is a lion charm that I bought and attached to a chain.


Tunic by Apricot. Boots by Novacas, from MooShoes.


Icy Winter Weather


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Just a quick post with today’s outfit for running errands in the icy winter weather.  This is one of my favorite sweaters to wear when I just want to be warm and casual.

As usual, there are a couple of hand-me-downs thrown into the mix.  This time it’s a pair of gloves and a Hobo bag (non-leather, of course).  I’m also wearing a necklace of my own design, featuring paper beads that I handmade from magazine pages.


Sweater by Apricot. Tank by White House Black Market. Jeans and hat by H&M. Scarf by Marks and Spencer. Gloves by Isotoner. Bag by Hobo International. Boots by Novacas, from MooShoes.  Necklace by Amanda Bess.

Favorite Things


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Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love wearing boots, leggings, and long comfortable tops.  Fall fashion doesn’t have to mean leather and wool!  This tunic and these leggings are two of my favorite things to wear.  Both are super comfortable but still cute, and the shine of the leggings makes them look just a little bit dressed up.  And hoods are just fun.

Boho Hemp is a UK-based company that sells eco-friendly clothing like this tunic by Nomads, which is made from soy and organic cotton.  Sustainable and still stylish.


Tunic by Nomads, from Boho Hemp. Vintage necklace. Leggings by Tracy Evans. Boots by Novacas, from Moo Shoes.