Alabama Chanin – Women’s clothing and outerwear, quilts.  All products made from 100% organic cotton.

Alternative Outfitters Vegan Boutique – Clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics.

Angela Roi – Luxury bags and wallets.

Brave Gentleman – Luxury men’s clothing and accessories.

Bungalow360 – Wallets and bags.

Cykochik – Bags, t-shirts, pillows.

Delikate Rayne – Luxury women’s clothing.

Della – Women’s clothing, bags, headbands, and iPad and Mac Book cases.

ESPE – Handbags, wallets, accessories.

Good Apparel – Women’s clothing.

Herbivore Clothing – Clothing and accessories.

Jenna Kator – Bags.

Jill Milan – Luxury handbags, jewelry, scarves, wallets, and pet accessories.

JORD – Watches.

Keep – Shoes.

LISSA the shop – Women’s clothing and accessories.

Love is Mighty – Women’s shoes, bags, and accessories.

Lur – Women’s clothing and accessories.

Matt & Nat – Bags, wallets, laptop sleeves, and other accessories.

Moo Shoes – Shoes, bags, wallets, belts.

Neuaura – Women’s shoes.

Olsen Haus – Shoes.

Petit Vour – Women’s apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and home goods.

Pixie Mood – Bags, wallets, small pouches.

Rothy’s – Women’s shoes made from recycled water bottles.

sudo shoes – Shoes.

Threads for Love – T-shirts and tanks.

Unicorn Goods – Pretty much all things vegan.

Urban Expressions – Women’s bags, wallets, and jewelry.

Vaute Couture – Coats, clothing, shoes, accessories.

Vegan Chic – Shoes, bags, wallets, belts.

Vickerey – Clothes, shoes, accessories, yoga gear, cosmetics, home decor, office supplies.

Vilma Boutique – Bags.

Viva Creatures – Luxury handbags.

2 thoughts on “US”

  1. Thanks for the great recommendations for vegan shoes and boots. You really should get kickbacks from the companies–I just ordered a bunch of shoes/boots/sandals. Thanks for feeding my shoe fetish!


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